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Company Profile


How would you like to work in a dynamic & fast growing company with international opportunities?
GKFX (Cambodia) is seeking talented, passionate employees to join the company in its worldwide locations.
You can use the form below to apply for positions in the office location most local to you.

At GKFX (Cambodia), we provide effective career development that benefits both the individual and the company as a whole,
ultimately contributing to the achievement of all our objectives. These benefits include:

  • Encouragement of innovation & team work
  • Higher standards of work performance
  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction
  • Greater understanding of the financial markets
  • Sharing knowledge and maintenance of good practice
  • Effective management and implementation of change

There is an expectation that all employees bring their own ideas to make a difference within their area of expertise, and they are encouraged to undertake responsibilities and development activities throughout their career. We always review and improve training and motivation activities to establish optimum career development opportunities.


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